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You think you know, but you have no idea how much you know about what it is you need to know in order to be in the know.
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i have found the exact image that i’ve been looking for. that explains who i am accurately in every aspect. 

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"She Don’t Care"

Favorite song from Ty’s new album (so far). What’s yours?

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Got a new job outside of Chicago; started a month ago. Spent two weeks living in a cheap hotel frequented by dealers and prostitutes, then two weeks in a nicer / twice-as-expensive extended stay hotel. I kind of missed the crack den, though; it had more flavor.

Moving to the city this weekend. Here’s my new place. Woo!

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Dennis Stock’s image of James Dean in Times Square, marked with Pablo Inirio’s printing notations.

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Boston. Fucking horrible. 

I remember, when 9/11 went down, my reaction was, “Well, I’ve had it with humanity.”

But I was wrong. I don’t know what’s going to be revealed to be behind all of this mayhem. One human insect or a poisonous mass of broken sociopaths. 

But here’s what I DO know. If it’s one person or a HUNDRED people, that number is not even a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent of the population on this planet. You watch the videos of the carnage and there are people running TOWARDS the destruction to help out. (Thanks FAKE Gallery founder and owner Paul Kozlowski for pointing this out to me). This is a giant planet and we’re lucky to live on it but there are prices and penalties incurred for the daily miracle of existence. One of them is, every once in awhile, the wiring of a tiny sliver of the species gets snarled and they’re pointed towards darkness. 

But the vast majority stands against that darkness and, like white blood cells attacking a virus, they dilute and weaken and eventually wash away the evil doers and, more importantly, the damage they wreak. This is beyond religion or creed or nation. We would not be here if humanity were inherently evil. We’d have eaten ourselves alive long ago. 

So when you spot violence, or bigotry, or intolerance or fear or just garden-variety misogyny, hatred or ignorance, just look it in the eye and think, “The good outnumber you, and we always will.”

- Patton Oswalt

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Me and Louis C.K. at my studio #1

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How cowlicks actually happen.


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After I took her photo, she stuck her cheek out for a kiss. After I gave her one, she said: “Isn’t love great?”
“Yes it is,” I replied. Then she leaned in and said:
“But sex is better.”

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Lee Fields & The Expressions - “Faithful Man”

Get to see Lee Fields perform tonight. YES. Hope he wears this snakeskin jacket.

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Thee Oh Sees - “Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster”

Floating Coffin is great.

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Stupendous Christian Bale Pointing shot.

I like this.

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